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"Owen Valentine's wide violin vibrato, reminiscent of jazz violin pioneer Stuff Smith, is combined with a rhythmical attack that encourages the rhythm section and audience alike to rock and swing hard.

"Owen Valentine's voice is both lyrical and passionate. His vocal performances often takes harmonic flight on saxophone-like scat solos. A serious student of Jazz and World Music, Owen’s concert adventures stretches the band into a loose envelope of rhythm and harmonic fantasy."

"Gospel and Soul inflected tone and edge are not usually expected on the violin. Owen delivers them with ease and grace.  He’s established his place amongst the list of great musicians."


"Great voices on the violin with a style and timbre that equally fits Jazz and Soul."

"Owen joins the ranks of composer/bandleaders who have emerged paying homage to their early training and experience with Sun Ra, Fela Kuti, Parliament Funkadelic, and Gil Scot Heron can be heard in his avant-garde yet funky approach."

"Featured recently in the Film "Long Overdue", violinist Owen Valentine is recreating the violin sound combining Stuff Smith swagger, Coltrane intensity and harmony, a drummer’s sense of time and Aretha Franklin's Soul.  A must see and hear!"

"Beatbox, Jazz Scat, Gospel run, and R&B soul - gives refreshing new life to Traditional Jazz Standards. An inventive original."

"A true improviser...Not one for sticking to the script. Owen Valentine concerts are a unique adventure that includes risk and originality in every note. A funky, soulful good time!"

"Music for Grooving and Loving.  Owen has it all."

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